Collaboration with CEI regarding the acquisition of data on measures for reconstruction of buildings

On November 16, 2017 the members of the MERIDA project (Marijana Zekic-Susac, Hrvoje Krstic and Sasa Mitrovic) visited the Center for Energy Sector and Investment Monitoring (CEI) in Zagreb and had a meeting with CEI employees Josip Kobescak and Nina Suman, who oversee the SMIV (System for measurement, monitoring and verification of energy saving). It […]

1. Data Science Meetup Osijek

Organized by the MERIDA research project, in cooperation with the Department of Quantitative Methods and Informatics of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek; The Data Science Croatia Association and the Osijek Software City held a public workshop on 30th November 2017, on Faculty of Economics from 18:00 to 20:00 called “1. Data Science Meetup Osijek […]