In July this year, during the last period of the project, we were deeply shocked by the news that the former project principal investigator, Marijana Zekić-Sušac, Ph.D., died due to her illness.

First of all, Marijana, as a person, left an indelible mark in each of us, and she invested a lot of her time, love, effort, knowledge and expertise in the project. It was also the last project she worked on. We are sincerely grateful to her for everything she has done.

Due to new circumstances, Josip Mesarić, Ph.D., former collaborator on the project was appointed as new principal investigator. We wish him a good luck and success in performing his newly assigned duties.

It is now up to us, even in this composition, to do our best and try to successfully achieve the goals of the project that were set for this remaining period of the project, to the pride of the beloved professor and colleague Marijana.

Marijana’s work has made a significant contribution in science, and especially in the field of information sciences. But apart from that, Marijana was active in many other aspects as well. Below is one of her songs.



It’s weird

How much I love life

And he eludes me.

I will almost cross the river of life

And the end is near.

The scriptures say

Who wants to save his life

He will lose it.

That is why I will not pray for life,

But that I can share love.

I have time

At least briefly

To prepare for a new life

In which only the soul would be.

The decision fell:

I carry love as a treasure

And I will be happy

wherever it ended.




Dear Marijana, rest in peace!

Your collaborators