On February 24, 2017 the members of MERIDA research team: Marijana Zekic-Susac, Hrvoje Krstic, Adela Has  and Sasa Mitrovic  attended a meeting at the Agency for Legal Trade and Real Estate Brokerage in Zagreb which is in charge of the ISGE system.  The ISGE information system collects, searches and analyzes data on energy characteristics and consumption of public buildings in the Republic of Croatia. The data from that system are the basis for testing scientific methods that the project tim will conduct in the four-year period of project duration. The aim is to create models for managing energy efficiency of public buildings that can be exploited by its users as an addition to current analyses. The meeting was very successful due to the fact that the APN agency agreed to provide the data for the project, and some details regarding the agreement assignment were discussed.
The APN was represented by Marin Mastilica, who explained the purpose and activities of APN and ISGE system. Hrvoje Tonkovic and Arsen Torbarina attended the meeting on behalf the IT company EkonErg who has developed the ISGE system. Some technical details regarding the data transition were discussed, as well as possible future collaboration.