Marijana Zekić-Sušac held a lecture on 18.04.2019  at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics  (BUTE), Hungary, within the Optimization Seminar at the Department of Differential Equations.

The title of the lecture was “Deep Learning for Prediction and Classification“. The methods of artificial neural networks and deep learning were described, and the examples of prediction and classification models in R tool were shown. Marijana also presented information about the Faculty of Economics in Osijek and the research project “Methodological Framework for Efficient Energy Management by Intelligent Data Analytics ” MERIDA.

Announcement of lecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics website:, and more about the lecture at:

During the visit, the future cooperation with this Department of BUTE Hungary was discussed, especially with professor Dr. Tibor Illés, Petra Renata Rigo, Anita Varga and other members of their faculty.