No. Activities Milestones Deliverables Team members Duration of activity (from-to, in months)
1. Energy Efficiency Measurement, Monitoring and Verification System (SMIV) and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (2 trips – one in the APN and the Environmental Protection Fund and one (Adela Has), building experts (Hrvoje Krstić), programming experts data acquisition application (Saša Mitrović) – 4 persons: project manager, associate who will use the data for dissertation Arrangements on how to download data from systems that have relevant project data Marijana Zekić-Sušac

Adela Has

Dario Šebalj Saša Mitrović


m 1-3
2. Take public information on public buildings from the Energy Management Information System (ISGE), the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Verification System (SMIV) and the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund Accumulated Initial Data on Construction Facilities in the Public Sector of the Republic of Croatia with Further Analysis Marijana Zekić-Sušac, Adela Has, Hrvoje Krstić, Saša Mitrović, PhD student m 3-4
3. Get the equipment (laptop computers) needed to analyze the data and install the necessary software Purchased equipment (laptops) and installed required softwares All members of the team m 4
4. Get a free server – ask from SRCA virtual server for the needs of database storage and web site locations Provided equipment in the form of servers, computers and installed software support A virtual server opened for project purposes within the SRCA Virtual Private Server (VPS) service and published on the web project information Marijana Zekić-Sušac, Saša Mitrović m 4-5
5. Edit the data into a form suitable for further analysis and save it to the project server Select possible data attributes and define the data vectors. Incient database available on the project server Adela Has, Dario Šebalj, Saša Mitrović, Hrvoje Krstić, Rudolf Scitovski, PhD student m 5-6
6. Make an application for automated further filling the database with fresh data An application that continually fills out the database for analysis on a project web server Dario Šebalj, Saša Mitrović m 6-8
7. Obtain literature (printed or e-books) from the field of machine learning and energy efficiency Acquired literature (printed or e-books) to study the methods and models of machine learning All members of the team m 6-8
8. Perform cluster analysis of prepared data and thus group public building objects The clustered analysis cluster for object sorting by typical energy consumption groups – Identified consumer clusters that have the same consumption characteristics Public buildings clusters according to energy efficiency and their features Rudolf Scitovski, Hrvoje Krstić, Marijana Zekić-Sušac, Adela Has m 9-10
9. Prepare special patterns for prediction models for each cluster Clusters of buildings are published and special samples prepared for further analysis Data Samples for Modeling Energy Consumption, Costs, and Cluster Returns Marijana Zekić-Sušac, Adela Has, PhD student m 11
10. Training of team members at the workshop in the field of simulation and machine learning Report on acquired knowledge from the workshop Adela Has m 4-12
11. Writing and submitting scientific papers to lecture and then publishing into scientific journals – they are from phase 1 of the project, which belongs to O1 Written paper for journal Scientific paper submitted for publication in the journal: – 1 methodological article from the field of detection of clusters of public buildings in a journal covering machine learning methods Rudolf Scitovski, Hrvoje Krstić, Marijana Zekić-Sušac Sending: m 9-12 Expected publication time: m 18-24
12. Preparation and presentation of scientific papers on project results from the first phase, O1 target at scientific conferences Scientific papers exhibited at conferences Scientific Works Exposed at Conferences 2017: 1 Article Exhibited by Hrvoje Krstić at Conference on Energy Efficiency of Buildings – 1 Article Exhibited by Adela Has at Conference on Machine Learning Methods – 1 article exhibited by Dario Šebalj at Conference on Information System Areas – 1 article says Saša Mitrović from the field of distributed energy efficiency data collection Hrvoje Krstić Adela Has Dario Šebalj Saša Mitrović other associates participate in co-authorship depending on the contribution of the work Sending: m 3-12 Expected publication time: m 6-24